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Climate philanthropy insights for all

Over the last three years, we’ve helped to produce and compile a great deal of knowledge for our clients. We are working to make much of this open-source, so that you can gain insights from a range of climate fields, whether you are with a climate NGO, a funder, or just a curious individual.


Scaling up climate-smart development

The OECD NetFWD x Impatience Earth learning series on Scaling Up Climate Smart Development brought together funders and grantees to share their journeys of integrating climate change into international development work. The exchange offered profound insights and advice for those embarking on or deepening their engagement with climate-focused philanthropy.

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Climate Philanthropy, Amaly Podcast

Our Director of Philanthropy, Aditi Shah, was one of the speakers on this podcast episode to talk about the unique power and responsibility of philanthropy in tackling the climate crisis, with a focus on nature-based solutions and food systems. 

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