Leveraging the power of philanthropy for critical climate action

Impatience Earth was founded in 2020 with a mission to educate, challenge and inspire wealth holders to take bolder funding decisions to address the climate emergency.

What we do

Impatience Earth’s team of experienced climate and philanthropy experts provides pro-bono advisory services to corporate foundations, private foundations, and high net worth individuals. 

Through a combination of comprehensive learning opportunities, expert guidance, and strategic connections, we empower our clients to take confident and impactful action on climate issues they care about across a range of sectors and approaches. 

Our services go beyond surface-level understanding, allowing donors to delve into the systemic causes of the climate emergency and develop effective strategies. We also facilitate valuable connections with co-funders and potential grantees, helping to foster collaborations that amplify the collective impact of climate initiatives. 

We integrate the principles of climate justice into our work, striving to build a future that is not only environmentally resilient but also socially just in our collective efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

Why climate philanthropy

With less than 2 per cent of global philanthropy currently going towards tackling the climate crisis, unlocking philanthropic wealth presents a huge opportunity for accelerating solutions. 

Philanthropic capital possesses a unique capacity to take calculated risks, invest with a long-term perspective, and amplify the impact of groundbreaking ideas —capabilities that are often beyond the reach of governments, corporations, and investors.

Many solutions, such as strategic litigation, movement building and narrative shaping, require a combination of vision and risk capital that philanthropy can readily provide.

Inspiring, impactful climate solutions that deliver co-benefits for society and biodiversity already exist and are ready for catalytic investment with philanthropic support. 

Our values


We understand that working within the climate sector makes it necessary for uncomfortable and painful topics to be addressed, and for difficult conversations to be had. We do what is right even when it is hard and are clear with wealth and other power holders on what is needed from them.

Radical imagination

We believe a better world is possible and that bold and diverse ideas from across global society will bring about a future full of beauty, hope and justice.


Facing the climate crisis is hard. We act with care, honesty and kindness for everyone on the journey.


We seek justice for the people on the frontline of climate change and listen and learn so that our knowledge and guidance responds to the realities of the climate emergency that they face.