High Net-Worth Individuals

Climate philanthropy can feel lonely and confusing. We’ll be your guiding support.

Our approach is centred around helping our clients to understand how climate change can fit within their existing philanthropic strategy. We recognise that each funder is unique, and at different stages of their climate philanthropy journey, and tailor our approach accordingly

We accompany high-net worth individuals on a journey from a state of uncertainty and overwhelm to empowerment and action. 

Our approach enables you to take a deep dive into your specific areas of interest. We start from where you are, designing a bespoke learning journey that connects you with field experts who provide valuable insights into the key challenges and opportunities within those areas.

Moving from knowledge to action, we work with you in crafting a grantmaking strategy that embodies your vision for climate impact and outlines the steps to achieve it. We offer support in identifying the right funding opportunities for your strategy and connecting you with other like-minded funders in the field.

To ensure a high level of impact and commitment, our support is tailored to high-net worth individuals who can contribute a minimum of £100,000 annually to climate-related solutions. Moreover, we can provide ongoing research and due diligence support for clients who give at least £1 million per year.

By partnering with us, you will gain access to the expertise, resources and connections needed to make a substantial difference in addressing the climate crisis. 

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